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So, here it is, my first bank of 2024 and first instalment for the Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave. This custom bank took longer than I had anticipated due to the multitimbrality features of the 3rd Wave. Many of these Patches have 1, 2, 3 or even 4 sounds per patch, and it is always worth hitting the Play button on the sequencer to see what surprises it may bring :)


Bank contains, Leads, Basses, Strings, Arps, Splits, Binaural, Keys and the expected lush pads.


I have really loved programming this synth, it is an absolute pleasure to work with!


I really hope you enjoy these, as always thanks for checking them out! 




Demo Reel 1 of 4 - Patches 001 to 025

Demo Reel 2 of 4 - Patches 026 to 050

Demo Reel 3 of 4 - Patches 051 to 075

Demo Reel 4 of 4 - Patches 076 to 100


Some single Patch Demo's

SM Contemplation 

SM Galactica 

SM DroneBellSplit

SM Brushed Analog

SM Meditation

SM Jazzy Jammer


The 3rd Wave is so much more than just a new take on the PPG, The 3rd wave not only can replicate the vintage PPG sound with ease, but can also sound seriously fat, warm, smooth, not brittle, and the frequency balance from low to highs is the best I have heard in any synth to date!


It is no surprise this synth is winning so many awards, it plays, sounds and programs like a dream! from delicate tones to fat growling basses, it can really do them all!


Not only that, but it is 4 synths in one box, each with dedicated sequencer, effects and audio outputs per synth. This is one serious amount of synth for the buck, yes it sounds expensive, but the groove guys have gone all out with this and spared the user no expense! the luxury of 24 voices, each with Dave Rossum designed 2140 analog low-pass filters per voice (same filter as P5 /10 Rev4), also the SEM Styled Modelled Filter that runs in series to further sculpt your sound pallets.


Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave - Dynamica Vol.1


    Please ensure you are selecting the correct pack prior to purchase. Due to the digital nature of our products, refunds or swaps cannot be offered.

    Individual installation instructions for each synth are contained in each pack, I am always here to assist if required.

    Please ensure you are selecting the correct pack prior to purchase. Due to the digital nature of our products no refunds can be offered.

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