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Scott McAuley Sounds Gift Card

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Please ensure you are selecting the correct pack prior to purchase. Due to the digital nature of our products refunds can not be offered.

Please ensure you are selecting the correct pack prior to purchase. Due to the digital nature of our products refunds can not be offered.


Frans, NL

"Wow.. I am very very impressed! It is truly an awesome sound bank full of great sounds!
I am already looking forward to Volume 2..
Keep up the good work!"

Hubertus, DE

"Oh thanks a lot !

I loooooove the sounds!


Thanks a lot!!


Steve, USA

"Hi Scott,

I’m one day into getting familiar with your presets and absolutely loving them!


Andrew, UK

"really nice stuff, the video captures the detail that has gone into these patches... 

these great presets will inspire I'm Sure!"

Lawrence, USA

"I’ve bought lots of OB6 packs and made my own patches.


These are absolutely killer. THE best ones I’ve heard!


 Superb work!"

Christopher, AU

"These are some of the best patches I've heard in a really long time. Made me go straight to my P6!


 Thank you."

Fatal Audio

"How the hell can you make this machine sing like this??

Very happy with the purchase!"

Kenny, USA

"Just bought one yesterday and found the link on user forum.


Incredible sounds!"

Andre, IT

"Scott, these sound just incredible! What a wonderful showcase of the One and I must say of your playing too. Well done and thanks for the inspiration!"

Matthew, CA

"Finally…FINALLY!!! Someone has made the Moog One actually sound good. I


Your patches are nice, simple, and smooth. They sound nice. This is what those who appreciate analog synthesizers want to hear!"

Jim, USA

"Well Scott, congratulations… This is the first demo I’ve ever heard that truly made me start looking around the studio to see what I could sell to raise the cash for a Moog One. Finally, a demo that makes this synth sound like a flagship!"


"Been waiting for this release, Scott - you're a fantastic sound designer. Grabbing it now, so much to learn!"

Keith, USA

"It is a job with very good taste. Very sophisticated sounds. Congratulations! I bought it yesterday :)"

Robot Boogie

"Fantastic patches. Well worth the money. Teaches me a lot about sound design. Thank you."

Andreas, SE

"It is great to finally buy banks which are full of great playable sounds, I have purchased so many custom banks over the years, but most have maybe 50% good and 50% odd sounds.


These banks are full of great patches


thanks !"

Jeff, Australia

This library is amazing. Best Prophet 12 analog patches I have ever heard.  Absolutely amazing!!! Scott has gone really deep with these patches. The Prophet 12 can match all the all analog Prophets with ease! These sounds simply prove it.

Eric, Australia

Damn, almost tempted to go out and buy another p-12, very good sounds on this!

Volodymir, Ukraine

My P-12 seems to be revived with these patches! Scott, is the best, as always. Mega-talent!

Jim, USA

Once again proving you should be on speed dial for all new synth manufacturers. Your work is unparalleled, my friend.!

Oliver, Sweden

Amazing, bought the Prophet 5/10  Promethean Vol.1! Please get the UDO Super 6 and make a pack!

Wiley, USA

Sounds amazing. You've definitely captured the essence of what the 3rd Wave excels at! Just purchased and can't wait to play these!

Paul, USA

The Groove Synthesis Third Wave is an amazing synth and still a favorite. Scott McAuley makes it sound fantastic. This synth is a delight and these patches make it sing. Great stuff.

Andreas, DE

Great patches that show the versatility of the 3rd wave. Some patches are really great and very inspiring. Great and loving work! I'm already screwing and playing! Thank you for your work and passion. I'm looking forward to the following patches from you! 

John, USA

Hydrasynth Ultimate Pads Vol.1 - Instant buy, like all of Scott's work. Love what he does. These sound fantastic!

David, BR

Oh, very very good. You have the ability to find the sweetspot of every synth, right? ;-) I use the Hydra more for crazy stuff, using the LFO battery and sharp leads cutting through the mix and love the ribbon, very playable. But you made Hydra to be sweet :-). Are you going to create the full bank or even more? What are youre favourite Hydra features? /btw when showing my friends the mightiness of the Moog One, I am always using your Oxygene patch :-)

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