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Finally I got around to creating a bank of 80 sounds for the stunning Prophet 5 / 10 rev4, This was put together by popular demand, and a custom bank I was unsure if I would ever do. 


The Prophet 5 / 10 was always a hesitant buy for me, due to it's mono output, but boy was I wrong, and I am so glad I took the plunge and grabbed the Prophet 10!  this synth has got to be one if not the best synth I've ever owned, it is remarkable! This is the first P5 / 10 custom pack from me but most certainly will not be the last! :)


The bank (which ended up a labour of love), is one where I didn't go searching to see who and what songs the synth has been used in, but a custom bank of sounds that came straight from the heart and head. The pack is full of Gorgeous Pads, Emotive Keys. Fat and Funky Basses, Leads, Plucks, etc all full of analog goodness! 


Demo Reel 1 of 2 - 40 Sounds - No Talking

Demo Reel 2 of 2 - 40 Sounds - No Talking


First 5 Patches from Demo Reel 1 - with no Chorus and bareley audible reverb.


Teaser Vid #1 


The bank has been freshly baked using the latest firmware 2.0.4 which adds some amazing features to the P5 / 10 rev4!  more control with aftertouch and velocity, Q Compensation which thickens up the higher resonant sounds (similar to bass compensation) adds a nice bit of punch! 


These Patches work fine on 2.0.1 if thats what you would rather stick to, But it is well worth installing 2.0.4 (or higher when available) on your P5 / 10. to take full advantage of these great new features! controllable aftertouch & velocity, Voice Stealing, QComp on filter to add some body to resoant sounds etc. 


OS 2.0.4  available in the Sequential Forum - Prophet 5 & 10 Main OS 2.0.4 and Panel OS




More Demo Vids to come over the next couple of days :) 



Sequential P5/10 Rev4 Promethean Vol.1


    Please ensure you are selecting the correct pack prior to purchase. Due to the digital nature of our products, refunds or swaps cannot be offered.

    Individual installation instructions for each synth are contained in each pack, I am always here to assist if required.

    Please ensure you are selecting the correct pack prior to purchase. Due to the digital nature of our products no refunds can be offered.

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