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EDM, Trance, Tech, Deep House

Production, Remixing & Mastering


Primarily we are dance music producers, carrying out Trance, and House projects over the years, along with remixing other Artist's tracks in our spare time such as Above & Beyond, Calvin Harris, Thrillseekers, DJ RAM.


Kit list


  • 2.7Ghz 12 Core Mac Pro 64gb RAM, Fully Loaded - 2017

  • 2 @ Mac Book Pro, Fully Loaded

  • 2 @ 27" Cinema Displays

  • Barefoot MM27 Monitoring

  • Genelec 8010a Monitors

  • Presonus Central Monitoring

  • Neumann U87ai Mic

  • Sure SM 58 x 1 , SM57 x 2

  • Focusrite Scarlett Octopre 

  • Focusrite Clarrett Octopre

  • UAD Apollo 8P Audio

  • UAD Apollo 8

  • UAD Apollo Twin

  • Motu 8 Pre MKII

  • Motu Midi Express

  • Dave Smith Prophet 12

  • DSI & Tom Oberheim - OB6

  • Sequential PRO-3

  • Oberheim OB-X8

  • Moog One 16V

  • Moog Sub 37

  • Korg Minilogue XD

  • Access Virus Ti2

  • Nord Lead 4

  • Roland Super JV1080

  • Behringer K-2

  • Behringer Neutron

  • Behringer Model D

  • Behringer Pro-1

  • Eventide Effects

  • Strymon Effects

  • Specular Tempus Effects

  • Fender Custom Strat

  • Taylor 614CE - Elec Acoustic

  • Takamine EAN46cx - Elec Acou

  • Marshall AS100 Acoustic Amp

  • Huge Sample Library


Being very keen and experienced remix artists, we love to get our teeth into someone elses track, putting our own twist and signature sound into whatever exciting project we are requested to do.


What separates a good remix from bad? in our oppinion, a good remix is one which throws a completely new twist on a track without loosing it's original feel and track essence. Sometimes this can be extremely difficult to achieve, but through experience and sheer determination, we usually come up with something totally unique.


If you require any of your own material remixed by us, please contact us on our contact page, sending link to the track you want us to remix, and with a description of what style & feel you are looking for. We will then get back in touch with you.


Our studio has a vast array of mastering hardware and software which is mainly used for our own projects and remixes.


If you would like us to professionally master your track, please contact us through the contact page.


We will get back to you as soon as we can. with pricing and time slot availability.

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